MISSION OBJECTIVES: It is our objective to work with the people of Rwanda to help make Vision 2020 a reality by facilitating projects and fostering partnerships that advance these goals.


  • Priority
    • Provide staff, leadership, and ministry support for Christ's Church Rwanda
    • Provide service to vulnerable children
    • Minister through small groups


  • Priority
    • Project & property owner providing leadership for Kigali International Community School
  • Additional objectives have included
    • Partnered with the Rwanda Ministry of Education and American universities in the selection and placement of Rwanda Presidential Scholars for undergraduate and graduate studies 
    • Provided English language training opportunities 


  • Priority
    • Provide an education option that has enabled families with over 30 international organizations and missions to serve in Rwanda compounding community development across the country 
    • Provide jobs to nationals
  • Additional objectives have included
    • Trained and mentored young women in work-readiness and entrepreneurship
    • Mentored Presidential Scholar students who founded Rwandans4Water

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