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Thursday, October 04, 2012
Let the favor of the Lord our God be on us; establish the work of our hands for us... Psalm 90:17

In June the Jenkins family, who have served the past seven years in Rwanda, transitioned to Wheaton, Illinois. In next month’s newsletter, the ROC Board will share a fuller update of the Jenkins family transition.  However, we’d like to share that the Jenkins are settling in to their new surroundings and helping their children settle into new schools and life in the US.  Dave, Jana, and their children continue to see God’s blessings as they discover new friends in the Chicago area.  During the coming months, the Jenkins will be focusing on connecting with past and current supporters to say “thank you” for the steadfast support during their years in Africa.  In the near future, the ROC Board will be hosting a special reception for the Jenkins to express our appreciation to them for their faithful service.  Please join the ROC Board in expressing our heartfelt appreciation for the Jenkins family.  “We bless you Dave, Jana, Sophia, Caleb, Ethan, Ruth, and Timothy!  You mean more to us than you’ll ever know.”  In our newsletter this month, ROC highlights two initiatives that the Jenkins helped launch that are thriving in Rwanda. We’d also like to share an article written by one of our MK spokespersons.  Enjoy the article by Sophia Jenkins.  John Osborne, ROC Board Chairperson.


Rwanda Outreach and Community (ROC) Partners is dedicated to investing in the people of Rwanda through education, community development, and faith-based initiatives.

"Even if I'm thousands of miles away, I love being able to have a tiny part in her ministry..."

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What Rwanda has Taught Me

Sophia Jenkins, missionary kid (MK), now a Sophomore at Wheaton College has lived most of her life in Uganda or Rwanda Africa. As the Jenkins' family transitions to serving in Chicago, Sophia reflects some of what she has learned from her time and experiences in East Africa.

I learned how to walk slowly. This way I am open to notice an old friend or neighbor walking towards me. I learned that my pace could also include times of rest, time to stop to ask “how are you” and time to be in relationship with others.

I learned that often the food taste better when you wait hours for it. And the time you spend waiting makes for good conversation.

I learned to hold my plans lightly, because events rarely follow my tight, right in a row plan. I learned to leave space for people to surprise you, to need you, and to use you. And it is okay to be used, because some day you may need someone. And wouldn’t you like that person to have room in their plan for you?

I learned that at the heart of “Africa time” are people. This year I learned the importance of taking the values of “Africa time” with me, and using it to bless the people around me here in the United States.

Kigali International Community School (KICS) has started its sixth school year as an internationally accredited school by the Association of Christian School International (ACSI).

With this accreditation, KICS is the only school in Rwanda accredited with the Association of Christian School International. In October, KICS anticipates full accreditation by Middle States Association from the U.S. which will make it the only U.S. accredited school in Rwanda. Among other benefits, this accreditation process better enables KICS to prepare the students for higher education and beyond.

This seven-year accreditation is a tribute the countless hours invested by past and present staff and school board members.

Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ELE) Rwanda is a student led organization started by Rwandan students who are studying at Oklahoma Christian University. ELE Rwanda provides a platform for youth innovation and entrepreneurship where ELE showcases, mentors, nurtures, and invests in student projects.

After announcing their first business plan competition winners, ELE Rwanda is now working on a mentorship program for the participants to help them turn their plans into actual businesses.

"We envision a future of entrepreneurial minded young people who can start businesses to develop themselves and the country of Rwanda." Tim Kaboya, Founder & COO (@timkaboya)

Christ's Church in Rwanda (CCR) serves in many ways to help the vulnerable. Over the last few years, CCR has committed resources to sponsor 14 students at various institutions.

These students would not have been able to complete their education had it not been for the members of CCR stepping up to secure the financial resources. CCR is especially proud of one of its scholars who was a top scorer on the national exam and was selected for the  Presidential Scholar Program. She is now studying at Oklahoma Christian University.

CCR continues to look for ways to grow leaders and empower the vulnerable through faith, education, and personal development.

Thank you for supporting the work of ROC Partners through support of the organization or one family working with our group. To view each families, click on the links below:

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