Rwanda National Police calls for parental primary obligation

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
This was posted today by the Rwanda National Police and I wanted to share. At first, I thought it was common sense, of course parents primary responsibility should be parenting. There are crucial things that children only get from their parents. Good reminder!

Rwanda National Police calls for parental primary obligation

Tuesday, 11 December, 2012

Parents have a “big responsibility” to raise their children and modeling them to be responsible citizens and leaders in the future.

This, no doubt, helps in the ultimate development of their families as well as that of their country.

Charity Begins at Home.

In order for every parent to achieve this goal, there are two crucial things to put into consideration.

Firstly, it is imperative that parents always show parental love to their children, which in most cases, calls for enough time for the former to attend to the latter.

When this happens, a child, who has had time to interact, with either the mother or father, will definitely learn some moral values, and of course become responsible even at a tender age.

We should agree to the fact that life in capitalistic economy is too demanding that sometimes one find herself/himself caught up in business ventures. Doing business is good, but we should bear in mind that this is meant to give basic needs to our families, but which doesn’t forego the primary responsibility of a parent to give core values to our children.

Secondly, parents also need to put in minds that the parental love is not enough alone. It should be accompanied giving basic needs to children such as education to prepare them to be “better future leaders.”

We need skilled people who can compete favourably on the labour market, but we also need children with firm foundation, with dignity, discipline and who are patriotic.

Two years ago, the Government of Rwanda introduced the universal education – Nine Year Basic Education (9-YBE) – which has since been upgraded to Twelve Year Basic Education (12-YBE), to purposely help over Rwandan children from poor families acquire education and to break the illiteracy rate.

While we have a Government that is too much concerned with the welfare of its people, it is supreme that parents too put their effort to send their children to school.

This will in turn break the rate of crimes in the country, which at times is facilitated by idleness and children end up in criminal acts like drug abuse and theft.

Sustainable development of any country lies in the hands of children today and the next generation. Knowing this underlying fact therefore, it is imperative that parents take the first lead in the education of their children.

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