But I can ONLY pray

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jamie Boiles writes:

As I was working in the KICS office today, there was a missionary mom who has started a prayer walk for the parents of the children of KICS. I was so excited to hear that there are parents praying over the school, the teachers, and the children. As I continued listening to the two missionary moms discussing prayer, one commented, "It hurts my heart to hear people say, 'I can't help you financially right now, I can ONLY pray for you'". They responded in agreement, saying, "If all the financial support goes away, I want to know that there are still people praying for my family."

How often do we think that prayer is the least we can do for someone?

Holly Hixson explains in her blog post Soldiers of Christ her motivation for encouraging our ROC team to meet for weekly prayer. During this time Holly has taught us how to pray through the Scriptures.

I love being able to tell people, "I'm sorry I can't help you on Thursday morning that is our team's time to pray." I am boastful to let people know that our team is made up of God first, then the families, our partnerships and projects.

Please don't make prayer the least you can do for ROC Partners, but the MOST you can do for ROC Partners!

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