Christ’s Church Rwanda - CCR

380-420 people meet at Christ's Church in Rwanda (CCR) in two services. This church plant will in time focus on planting churches as it spreads the love of Jesus in Rwanda. In the past, Rwanda lacked leaders willing to use their influence in business, policy, and education to model God's love, justice and forgiveness. CCR prays that its efforts are influencing positive change in this regard. CCR is utilizing the ROC hall that will serve up to 400 in one service for worship and as a base for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the region.

One of CCR’s special community development projects is its Vulnerable Children’s Ministry where ROC and CCR sponsor girls secondary education for young ladies who would otherwise be unable to attend secondary school. Additionally, CCR is working toward a ministry called "Spoken For" that facilitates fostering of orphans until permanent homes are found.

CCR partnered with the Ministry of Local Government (MINELOC) in its Itorero project to promote important business values that are lacking in Rwanda. CCR developed and shared a series from a faith-based perspective. CCR also has vibrant children and youth ministries.

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