About KICS' Gifts for Growth Campaign


Every year families throughout the world gather around a story of hope, a story of Good News that a Savior has come. Through that story, the greatest Gift of all is celebrated. For some, celebration involves sharing with others through the giving of gifts and service. We give to family and friends, to charities and churches; but most importantly, we glorify God in giving to others. In this season of giving I invite you to consider your giving. Consider giving that brings hope, restores hope, builds hope, and shapes new bearers of hope.

At KICS we are blessed with the opportunity each day to shape the next generation of hope bearers. God has provided this unique opportunity to invest in the lives of children whose futures will have them working and serving worldwide. We are blessed as stewards of the gift of hope. We are honored to make this gift part of the story of these young people who will change the world from wherever God places them.

As we launch this Christmas season campaign, “Gifts 4 Growth,” I ask you to join us in stewarding the story of hope. Through tax-deductible gifts you can speak into the lives of KICS students. My family has joined with the Rwanda Outreach and Community Board (ROC) to give the first $22,000 in matching funds to launch this campaign. We ask you to consider giving toward this match as you have been blessed.

All of us at KICS appreciate your love and support. May God bless you this Christmas season, and may all call upon his name “Immanuel, which means, ‘God with us.’” (Matthew 1:23)(pictured – my daughter as a bearer of hope at a school served by KICS)

Sincerely, Bryan Hixson

ABOUT Gifts For Growth

Kigali International Community School, a leading educational choice in Rwanda, is only eight years old. The school began in a small house with 4 volunteer teachers and about 15 students. The school moved to its current campus in Gaculiro in 2008, and quickly expanded – both in enrollment and in the scope and quality of education.

Even with the growth over the past years, the missionary and community spirit that birthed the school remain central to the operation and experience of KICS. Rapid increase in enrollment, followed by accreditation, has led to a rise in physical needs to keep pace with what and how children learn. Tuition covers only a portion of the school’s operating budget and do not account for needed technological and curricular improvements to the classrooms.

We invite you to give a gift to KICS. Together, the families, friends, and supporters of KICS can provide gifts that will improve the learning experience of our students.  Giving via credit card can be made from this site. For those in Kigali wishing to give you may also make a direct deposit through Access Bank and inform us of that donation. You may also give your gift at the KICS reception or to one of the following KICS parents: Juliet Mbabazi, Shiphrah Kiiza, Anna Mears, or Bryan Hixson.

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