Bryan & Dr. Holly Hixson were working at Oklahoma Christian University in 2007 when they made the transition to full-time ministry in Rwanda following a trip to Rwanda on behalf of the university in 2006. At the time Holly was a professor of chemistry and Bryan was serving as the Director of the North Institute for Teaching & Learning. The Hixson's have served in 11 different countries (Belgium, Portugal, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, & Rwanda) in short-term mission projects with Let’s Start Talking prior to their move to Rwanda.

The Hixsons have served in a number of capacities as ROC Partners first staff on the ground in Rwanda. Holly’s primary role has been as a teacher of secondary sciences (Chemistry, Earth Science, Biology, & Critical Thinking & Advanced Science Topics) at Kigali International Community School (KICS). In addition to this role Holly has served through a number of projects including Peace Through Business, Rwanda Presidential Scholars (RPS), and Let’s Start Talking (LST). Holly has also served at Christ’s Church Rwanda (CCR) through worship and vulnerable children’s ministries. Bryan’s primary roles have been as ROC’s Executive Director and the Chairman of the Board for KICS. Bryan has also served through various projects including facilitation of Rwandans4Water, RPS, & LST and in preaching and administrative roles at CCR.

The Hixson girls are also very active in ministry through service at church, school, and within the community. Alexis’ focus has been through worship ministries and Grace’s focus has been serving orphans.

The Hixsons are currently seeking a major church partner and/or multiple monthly individual partners to replace recently lost funding in the amount of $1500/mo.  If you have interest in supporting the Hixson family please visit the donations page or contact the Hixsons to discuss partnership.

Find out more about the Hixson’s at: bryanhixson.wordpress.com